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Wellington Brick Show 2022

4 June 2022

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Over 9,100 visitors came to enjoy the Wellington Brick Show held in Upper Hutt, which also included three LEGO Masters NZ, and the judge himself!

It was a massive weekend, with over 90 exhibitors displaying a range of amazing builds for the crowds of people to enjoy and a very popular green screen where people could be placed infront of there favourite LEGO build.

Throughout the weekend the crowds were treated with several QnA sessions with LEGO Masters NZ contestants Glenn, Jake and Dan. Robin, the LEGO Masters NZ Judge also joined the panel to help answer the questions posed to them by the shows fans.

With the massive success of this year's show, Well-LUG has donated $10,000 to the local scout's ventures group whom jumped and helped us at the show. We are looking forward to seeing photos of their members at the 'Ignite 23' NZ Venture being held at Mayfield this summer.

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