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Palmy Brick Show 2023

25 November 2023

$5000 Donated To Charity

Well-LUG's 20th show

Wanganui Brick Show 2023

8 July 2023

$8,500 Donated To Charity

Our first official Well-LUG Brick Show in Whanganui had well over 4,500 visitors over the weekend.

Palmerston North Brick Show 2022

1 October 2022

$11,000 Donated To Charity

Yet another successful show in Palmy with over 110 exhibitors all eager to show off their creations to the 4,600 public visitors that came through the doors.

Brickcon-NZ 2021

4 June 2021

$10,000 Donated To Charity

New Zealand's only Brick Convention, BrickCon-NZ was back for 2021 with over 120 exhibitors making it was the largest show to date

Palmerston North Brick Show 2020

1 August 2020

$10,000 Donated To Charity

The very first proper Brick Show in the world since Covid

BrickCon-NZ 2019

31 May 2019

$9,200 Donated To Charity

Well-Lugs second annual Lego Convention was held in Palmerston North this year.

BrickCon-NZ 2018

1 June 2018

$5,000 Donated To Charity

New Zealand’s very first Lego Convention was our largest show ever and was a massize success for both AFOLs and Public alike.

Brickcon-NZ 2017

8 October 2017

$8,500 Donated To Charity

With Brickcon-NZ hosting over 60 exhibitors coming from all around New Zealand, there was plenty to see and do.

Hawke's Bay Brick Show 2017

6 May 2017

$4,000 Donated To Charity

The inagural Hawkes Bay Brickshow had well over 6000 visitors and has been tipped by the local newspapers and a big success for all ages

Palmerston North Brick Show 2016

21 May 2016

$7,000 Donated To Charity

Palmerston North Brick Show 2016

Wellington Brick Show 2023

15 September 2023

$10,000 Donated To Charity

Officially our biggest show to date with over 170 exhibitors registered for New Zealand's only three day convention.

Hawke's Bay Brick Show 2023

3 June 2023

$12,500 Donated To Charity

After four long years, Our biggest show in Hawke's Bay Brick Show was back and we had well over 7500 visitors.

Wellington Brick Show 2022

4 June 2022

$10,000 Donated To Charity

Over 9,100 visitors came to enjoy the Wellington Brick Show held in Upper Hutt, which also included three LEGO Masters NZ, and the judge himself!

Wellington Brick Show 2021

13 March 2021

$10,000 Donated To Charity

Another great show on Wellington that included an actual designer from LEGO!

Wellington Brick Show 2019

14 September 2019

$15,000 Donated To Charity

Over 9000 visitors makes Wellington BrickShow our biggest show ever.

Palmerston North Brick Show 2018

29 September 2018

$3,000 Donated To Charity

With nearly 6000 visitors, the Palmerston North Brickshow this year, the show contunues to be popular with the locals.

Hawke's Bay Brick Show 2018

14 April 2018

$3,600 Donated To Charity

This was Hawke's Bay's biggest show to date... and it was a huge success

Palmerston North Brick Show 2017

16 September 2017

$5,000 Donated To Charity

The Palmerston North Brick Show had 7000 visitors over the weekend

BrickCon-NZ 2016

8 October 2016

$9,000 Donated To Charity

With over 10,000 people visiting BrickCon-NZ 2016 was our biggest success yet!

BrickCon-NZ 2015

BrickCon-NZ 2015

31 October 2015

$6,800 Donated To Charity

BrickCon-NZ 2015 was Well-LUGs and Wellington's first major LEGO® showcase. This show was put on in support of Little People of NZ.

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